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What is Cannabis?

It’s a drug that alters consciousness. It’s legal in some places, and illegal in others.

Some people enjoy the effect, and some people don’t. Some people become addicted and can’t stop. It’s important to be mindful about one’s personal intake of mind-altering substances, and to be respectful if any of your friends or neighbors don’t want to participate, and certainly to never drive impaired, just as you wouldn’t drive drunk. It’s also especially important for minors who are still developing their brains to avoid mind-altering substances.

Can You Take Cannabis Products?

No. I’m personally opposed to cannabis except for some rare situations of serious pain.

Having said that, I do think that the government should not intervene so much. If it makes people happy, and doesn’t hurt any one else, then no one is a party to it should go to prison for it.

I’d like to see it treated the way tobacco or alcohol is treated: it’s legal, but you can’t drive while impaired by cannabis, and don’t be under its influence at work. You have to pay the extra tax, and you can’t sell it to minors.

which Cannabis Product do you like?


I have tried edibles, and I know that many people enjoy them to relax, but personally I think they make you too mellow. I prefer to maintain 100% mental clarity as much as possible.

Benefits of Cannabis Product?

Some people say that it helps them with pain and relaxation. I personally don’t like its effects, but I know that some people enjoy it. Just like with alcohol, I don’t think the government should be telling people what they can put in their bodies as long as it doesn’t harm any person who doesn’t consent to being a participant. The government has a vested interest in regulating these things, and taxing them, given the medical and addiction issues associated with both. But adults should be free to make their own decisions about if they personally want to consume them.

Effect of Cannabis Product?

As described above, cannabis has THC, a chemical that can cause changes in perception. People experience things like a slower sense of time, or an altered perception of space, an increased appetite (this is referred to as the “munchies”), or a sensation of relaxation (known as being “stoned”). Some people enjoy this feeling, some don’t. It can also make people feel anxiety, paranoia, depression, or even cause hallucinations (or “trip” or “green out”). It can also contribute to memory or cognitive issues.

Difference between Indian Cannabis and US Cannabis?

Cannabis exists in different varietals, different strains, from different regions. Each one has its own unique characteristics, like flavor, potency, and composition. Cannabis grown on different continents like in India or the US, or even at different altitudes or climates, will have different chemical properties that effect the feeling you get when you smoke it.

Cannabis is a plant, and like other plants it is heavily influenced by the environment it grows in, just like how coffee plants grown in different regions will have different flavor, smell, or caffeine content. Cannabis strains grown in India will be quite different from cannabis strains grown in the US.

Why People are avoid Cannabis?

Some people don’t enjoy the feeling. Some people are opposed to drugs in general and therefore do not support cannabis use.

Cannabis does have health risks too, such as addiction, lung damage, and increased mental health risks, especially in those with a family history of things like schizophrenia, psychosis, or bipolar disorder. That being said, compared to other drugs of abuse, cannabis is relatively safe.

Ultimately the decision is for each individual to decide if they want to use cannabis. The government is not involved in making people’s personal decisions, but it is in regulating and taxing them.

Is Cannabis addictive?

Yes, it is possible to become addicted to cannabis. Not everyone who uses cannabis will become addicted. But some people will become addicted, or experience issues like withdrawal when they try to stop. The more often someone uses cannabis, the higher the chance that they will become addicted. People who use cannabis at an early age are especially susceptible to becoming addicted since their brains are still developing.

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